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Ann Arbor area businesses say beer tax would make it hard for them to compete
Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm proposed doubling the state’s 1.9-cent-a-bottle beer tax and increasing the cigarette tax by 25 cents, pushing it to $2.25 a pack. Several breweries and distributors in the Ann Arbor area were fighting the governor’s proposal. (Published August 4, 2009, on

New Urbanism sprouting nearby
The owners of Little Village Makers, LLC, were trying to build a mixed-use housing development in Madison County, Indiana. The couple was following a trend that others in Indiana were taking. This article explains the history of New Urbanism and why the couple wanted to bring that concept to East Central Indiana.
(Published Oct. 18, 2007, in The Pendleton News)

Putting the ‘Boo’ in booming sales

Sales of costumes, decorations and candy, are a Halloween boost to companies in the area and nationally.
(Published Oct. 14, 2007, in The Herald Bulletin)

Migrant workers enjoy new accomodations, courtesy of Red Gold
Despite industry trends, Red Gold, one of the largest tomato product producers in the Midwest, built permanent apartments for its migrant workers. While other companies were forcing these families to find their own accomodations, Red Gold improved its campus for their workers.
(Published Aug. 5, 2007, in the The Herald Bulletin)

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